Cosmetic Coins

This is where you can purchase coins to use in the '/cosmetics' menu in-game!
In the '/cosmetics' menu you can purchase things like arrow effects, death

effects, pets, mounts, gadgets, music DJ's, balloons, emojis, and more!

When you purchase a coin pack your Cosmetic Coin balance will go up.
To check your balance, type '/cosmetics' in-game and scroll your mouse
over the sunflower icon in the middle of the GUI.

Cosmetics may be glitchy and laggy at times. The server may temporarily

de-activate them in order to eliminate these issues. If this happens it will 
not be permanent!

Please read the Terms & Conditions and Server Rules before making a 
purchase. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact Dev in-game or on his discord 
at: Dev#0887

Have a nice day!

*Proceeds go to help MrGreenGem pay for bills and expenses for the server and every day life. 

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