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      Green Gem News!
June 6, 2020

Green Gem is being upgraded once more and will now be running on 8gb of RAM. This should help with rendering the new chunks when 1.16 is released and the world expands. Currently the world resides at 15,000 blocks. When we update to 1.16 the world size will increase by 5000.

Custom Enchants are removing players' items randomly. Once again the custom enchantment plugins are full of bugs and causing lots of problems. We may remove them permanently. 

PyroFishing and PyroMining were both removed. We now have new drops that players can sell at the Rock Shop. More special gems will come in the near future. Fishing has been nerfed to discourage afk farming. 

We have a new server discord but the only way to join is if Dev invites you. Whitelisting Green Gem has been a success in keeping trolls out. Production has sped up as a result.

The server shop got completely redone. Players can no longer buy everything in the game via shops. Now there are only the basic items in their own respective categories in the shop menu.

Some new games are available to play at the arcade. There is even a hotdog stand that opened up next door to it!

More to come! Happy  Summer!

May 3, 2020

We have been having some issues with port forwarding lately. I suspect this is due to the COVID-19 Pandemic because Green Gem is hosted out of New York, USA, and the virus hit them very hard. Also, more people are cooped up in their houses so maybe there are newer servers sharing the same port as Green Gem. We do not have a dedicated ip address, which means we share ports with other servers. It is possible for a port to fill up and get clogged. To rectify this problem I contact the host and they switch us to a less used port. I have been working on a secret project in my spare time that would solve this entire problem but I do not want to disclose any information on that yet. I just want my players to know that I will get this issue fixed for them.

Keeping Green Gem whitelisted has proven to work rather well. I have been focused on remodeling past builds and bringing back plugins from previous version of GG lately. The Arcade is coming back in a different form and the Prize Counter is going to work differently than before. Wilderness and Nether portals have been added to Spawn. 

I brought back Emojichat and Chat Feelings. Instead of paving the way for 1.16 I have decided to bring back all of the plugins that made Green Gem fun. We now have Vehicles and two custom enchantment plugins. I understand removing custom enchant plugins removes a lot of time and work put into making good gear for players. I know what it is like to lose hard work. I don't want to be the cause of that for people. You can now get custom enchantments by typing '/enchanter' and '/enchanter2' in game. We are still working out the bugs. Bare with me.  

5/3/2020 Server Changelog:
+ Duke, Duchess, Prince, and Princess rank kits all were buffed. 
+ XP Crate has been finished, keys are found in Vote Crate for now
- Chat Feelings now have radius restrictions, meaning you cannot interact unless you are near someone
+ Added Governor Rank
+ Added Senator Rank
+ Added President Rank
- Removed God/Goddess ranks
+ Arcade and Games have been brought back with a new building
+ Spawn building has been remade and placed at another location
- Bakery was removed
- Cosmetics Crate removed
- Quests temporarily disabled
+ Claim Block buy price is now $250 instead of $500
+ Claim Block sell price is now $100
+ Added back Custom Enchants
+ Added another Custom Enchant plugin
+ Added Mob Stacking to reduce lag from spawners and farms
+ Added Vehicles

I hope everyone is doing okay.

Stay safe!

April 19, 2020

The server Discord has been removed because it was creating more work than there needed to be. At this point in time Green Gem no longer has a discord channel. Any discord created with the "Green Gem" name is a fake one and unofficial. All server news will be posted on this website from here on out. 

Green Gem is now a whitelisted server. This means players will have to contact Dev via the youtube channel comments section or the vote websites with their usernames in order for them to join. Making GG into a private server will help protect it for the future and it will dramatically reduce problems for the staff team.  There will be more information to follow in the near future. 

Emojichat and Chat Feelings were removed from the server. We are paving the way for 1.16 and cutting out plugins that make the server feel less smooth. We were testing custom enchantments for the past week but Dev decided it is not the way. Having less plugins will make for a faster update to 1.16 anyway. 

Keep in mind that when 1.16 is released, the Nether will be reset. The Overworld will NOT be deleted. The End might get reset. It is still undecided. 

The Easter event that usually takes place every year has been canceled due to Coronavirus. A few holiday items were given away at different times during that day but it was only for the players who were on at the time they were dropped. There are no holiday events planned for the future at this time. 

Stay safe! 

April 7, 2020

Dev has been super active with updating the server. Here is a copy of the recent changelog:

4/7/2020 Server Restart Changelog:
 I updated our disguise plugin. There were a few updates this week for that. Hopefully they fixed the glitching of disguises. That would be awesome. I haven't tested it yet.

I finished adding the series 2 heads to the Head Dealer at /warp heads.  Enjoy  

- Removed the ability to gain McMMO experience while in PvP 
- Removed the Hearts from displaying while fighting monsters 
- Removed the McMMO custom items 
- Deactivated PvP rules 

+ Fixed the PvE messages 
+ Buffed McMMO Skill Cooldowns 
+ Enabled Tnt Explosions and Block Damage 
+ Enabled Creeper Explosions and Block Damage 
+ Enabled Zombie Door Destruction 
+ Enabled Enderman Grief 
+ Enabled Player and Mob Crop Trampling 
+ Enabled Powered Creepers
+ Claim Expirations are now set at 30 days. If you aren't active for 30 days, your claim will be removed and your stuff will be free for the taking.

These are some exciting new changes to Green Gem! Stay tuned for more!

March 27, 2020

The owner of Green Gem is in quarantine due to his small town having cases of the Coronavirus,. One of the cases Dev has actually had contact with numerous times within the past few weeks.  

Stay safe everyone.